A healthy diet and what our ancestors loved

The famous saying is, “You’re what you eat.” And if you think about its meaning, it turns out that our physical health, mental activity and emotional state (mood) is directly related to the food we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hence the simple conclusion – we can regulate our own well-being, both physical and emotional, with those products that we buy daily in supermarkets or other places.

What does healthy eating mean for a particular person? Often even famous dieticians cannot answer this question correctly. Why not? Because this is not an unambiguous answer and requires special consideration.

Fully nutritious food, as practice and life show, is very individual and personal, which originates from the traditions of the family, and even the area where this person grew up. Often it can be formed from the genetic characteristics of a person, his tastes and preferences.

And today we will try to clarify this issue, because the right diet is the main road to health and longevity. And we will find out what rules you need to know to follow a healthy diet and what kinds of food exist.

If we put aside all commercial interests of different specialists in this field, we can clearly identify two areas of food consumption. This is a healthy and healthy diet.

And it is likely that the category of therapeutic nutrition includes that food, which takes into account all the features and physical condition of a particular person.

Principles of good nutrition

A healthy diet serves human life. And it is based primarily on common sense, not on trends and new trends.

What does this mean? A person is the most complicated “car”, which often intuitively finds its own way when the “driver” loses a landmark. And in this case, human intuition is based on normal physiological needs of the organism, not on the fact that we “put” in the head another sensation of information from the field of modern nutrition.

Therefore, it is critical to hear your body, not to run after your mind, which once again “heard something somewhere”.

Experts claim that the starting mechanism of the processes of regulation of all gastrointestinal tract activity is irritation of the taste buds.

And when we eat deliciously and in the mood, our body itself is able to produce those components that are not enough in the food (except for a small part). This also applies to various amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This is the way a human being works.

For this purpose, additional enzymes are produced, which are able to break down substances and create what the body lacks. This means that by eating deliciously and enjoying the food, the body itself produces amino acids, vitamins and other components that are lacking in the food.

To do this, it regulates their ratio, activating the production of additional enzymes to obtain the desired substances. And it happens easily and qualitatively, because the human body is the smartest “machine”. You just need to help your body and know the principles (rules) of proper nutrition, which should never be forgotten:

First rule. Food should please us and make us happy. Our food should be tasty, full and varied. And above all, a healthy diet is a joyful diet.

The second rule. Our body is arranged in such a way that it can only develop and remain truly healthy in a state of self-regulation and self-recovery. And from here is formed a great wisdom, which says: a person can and should use everything that nature itself has created. Its gifts will only benefit him/her.

And this fact should be taken into account when we fill our grocery baskets in shops. They must contain a lot of vegetables, fruits, unrefined products and those products that have not undergone high-tech processing and are thus close to the natural state. I agree that it sounds banal, but it is a truth that cannot be changed.

The third one is partly based on the first one. You have to eat a lot, but without redundancy. And sometimes to arrange unloading days for yourself.

There are 179 Lenten days in the Orthodox faith in a year, and it is not for nothing. This shows that the tradition created improves the health of the human body and is necessary for it to maintain physical and spiritual health.

The fourth rule. One should always take into account one’s individual characteristics. Even our geography is included here. It has already been proved that imported fruits and vegetables are not as useful as “native” ones. Therefore, during the season of berries, fruits and vegetables in the area where we live, this time should not be missed.

Post Author: John D. Mack