Simple steps to transition to a healthy diet

Still can’t get to the right food? Take a look at this clear and understandable step-by-step diagram Classic correct nutrition scheme The first thing you need to remember is a clear standard scheme of proper nutrition. It will help you learn once and for all what and when to eat during the day. So, in […]

Good Nutrition for weight loss

A diet for slimming with the correct diet system (PP) can be treated differently. You can criticize and find flaws in it, or you can fanaticalally stick to it all your life, enjoying your appearance. But the fact that the PP system is effective and has helped thousands of fat people who have lost their […]

Paleo diet: Why eat like in the Stone Age?

About the paleo-diete. The American gastroenterologist Water Wonglin said that the health problems of modern man began with the Neolithic Age, i.e. with the period of sedentary life and agriculture. In 1975 he published a book. It described how, from his point of view, modern man should eat. And he should eat as he did […]

A healthy diet and what our ancestors loved

The famous saying is, “You’re what you eat.” And if you think about its meaning, it turns out that our physical health, mental activity and emotional state (mood) is directly related to the food we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hence the simple conclusion – we can regulate our own well-being, both physical and […]

A little bit about healthy and inexpensive Food

Hello, folks! I don’t think any of us have any doubts about the benefits of healthy eating. But often useful recommendations and tips remain just recommendations. Our own laziness, unwillingness to change something in the way of life, lack of time do not allow us to make serious adjustments in the organization of nutrition, even […]