Healthy Diet

Good nutrition includes many different nuances, so the concept is considered quite broad. It is often the case that novice athletes are not able to deal with all the subtleties on their own and do not know the principles of healthy eating, so they start to eat improperly.

It is worth noting that the right diet is not just a varied diet. For many people it is a way of life, often flowing into stress for the body in an incorrect approach.

Good nutrition: where to start? We recommend you to think about making a special schedule, which you will need to adhere to for a smooth transition, getting more effect and interest in the transition to the right diet.

For those who have no idea about the right diet, we want to tell you: it is necessary for them to follow the regime, maintain methods and monitor the quality of food intake.

It turns out that the basis for good nutrition is the mode, special rules concerning the use of food, and do not forget about the quality of products and the balance of nutrients and nutrients in the diet.

Basic principles of proper nutrition for beginners

Adherence to the power supply mode.

The optimum daily number of meals is from 5 to 6. But this does not mean that your diet will consist solely of the same meals. We offer you the following daily schedule: first you have breakfast, then you make a snack after 2-3 hours, after an hour or an hour and a half you sit down to lunch, then you have a snack and leave dinner for the evening.

The perfect breakfast should start between 7 and 9 a.m. or 30 minutes or an hour after your waking up. Schedule lunch at approximately 12 or 13 o’clock in the afternoon or 4-5 hours after breakfast. As for dinner, it is recommended that it be held at 17-18 o’clock or 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Do not exclude all your favorite dishes from the diet at once.

It is known that a person will not be able to instantly exclude foods he likes from the diet and quickly make a choice in favor of the right diet, because it will lead to excessive irritability and unwillingness to eat.

Of course, everything depends on the person. Those who want to achieve their goals in a short period of time will have to sweat a lot, but it will bring their fruits, which you will definitely enjoy.

If such a transition is too problematic for you because of the constant nervousness, it should be done gradually. Do not forget that it is better not to jump above the head, because even by slow steps you can come to success.

Good eating habits.

This is a broad concept: it includes appetite, the environment and the correct sequence of meals. If you follow these rules, the food will be better digested and assimilated by the body. In addition, he will receive all the nutrients contained in the products.

Clearly following the target.

If you want to start eating properly without determining why you need it, every day without eating your usual food will seem like a real torture.

Try to formulate a clear goal and keep it in your head. Refusing unhealthy food should not be done for the sake of suffering, but for the sake of improving your life and health.

Don’t forget the quality of the products.

The quality of the products means their usefulness. Unfortunately, the products that people often eat are not useful because of their ignorance or spoilage, and because of the high content of harmful substances. These products include instant products and products with food additives, transgens and fats.

By the way, even apples can be harmful to the body if they have been grown with chemicals. In this case, the choice of products should be approached with great responsibility.

Take care of the nutrient balance in the diet.

It is impossible to eat the same foods for a long time, as our body needs additional nutrients. This is realistically achieved through some standards aimed at obtaining nutrients per day. The main thing to remember is what products should be combined and what proportions to observe.

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Keeping a diary of food.

Include in your diary what you are going to eat, and remember to include information about what you have eaten.

This way, you can always keep an eye on your diet, as you will have a clear view of it. A diary is not so much needed to record the results, as to analyze them.

Some important rules for beginners to eat properly

eat about five different foods a day. For example, give preference to meat, eggs, cereals, grains, vegetables, fruit, milk and dairy products. If you manage to eat or drink one of these products daily, you will be able to give the body healthy nutrients;

Try to drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes before breakfast, and during the day – 1.5-2 liters;

continue the day is recommended breakfast, which is difficult to imagine without cereals, cereals and dairy products. As for lunch, make a choice in favor of meat products, as they are well assimilated and digested, and do not forget about fresh vegetables. Dine on fish, fermented milk products, lean meat or stewed vegetables. Give preference to fruits, vegetables and juices as a snack;

Avoid fried food, sauces, sodas, chips, crisps, breadcrumbs, fast food, cereal-based products and alcohol;

Add more vegetable proteins to your diet as they are just as useful as your pet. Do not give up legumes, i.e. peas, beans and lentils, because they contain vegetable protein;

Do not plan to eat less than 2-3 hours before bedtime. The rule of “not eating after 18 hours” should be abandoned, as each person has his own schedule, but do not forget that the digestive system should not be overloaded at night, because the food must have time to digest;

Try to eat less sugar and salt. These elements are often present in the food, just many people do not know about it. For example, sugar and salt are even contained in normal bread.